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Year 4



Year 4 Team:

4DS - Mrs Spencer (class teacher) and Mrs Davis (class teacher)

4HE - Mrs Hilton (class teacher) and Mrs Ellis (class teacher)

4R - Mrs Richmond (class teacher, School SENCo, Year Group Leader) and Miss Smart (Tuesday only)

TAs: Mrs Brown and Mrs Wilmot

Regular Volunteer: Miss Eaton


PE Days:

Autumn Term: Thursday (swimming) and Friday (indoor)

Spring and Summer Term: Tuesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor)


Autumn Term: Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (swimming)

Spring and Summer: Tuesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor)


Autumn and Summer Term: Tuesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor)

Spring Term: Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (swimming)

Please see below for options:

Contact & Queries

Please feel free to talk to your child's teacher, preferably at the end of the school day, if you have any concerns.  We are always happy to help.  You can also leave us a message in your child's School Diary or by sending an email to:

We will check both the diaries and email weekly.


Activities to do at home

We know you will all be reading regularly!

Below, you can see the topic web for each term.  These activities can help you find out more about each topic.  There are Maths and English pages too:

The BBC Bitesize Website and the BBC Newsround pages are a great place to visit too:

Finally, don't forget TTRockstars and Hit the Button for practising your times tables and number facts:

This website has lots of maths games and activities covering the whole maths curriculum which you can search for by topic and year group.

The school username and password should be in your child's diary.



Additional Resources

Please find below a list of websites/apps that we would like to recommend.

Doorway online - Touch typing

This is a great skill to learn and the activities here are all free. The activities take around 5 minutes each and will benefit everybody. Touch typing is a big help to those with dyslexia as well as making the process of typing quicker and more accurate.  It will not work on a touch screen, it has to be done on a conventional keyboard.


Google Sketchup

This is a free 3D modelling program that can produce stunning results, given time and patience.  It is an online application and can be found here.  There are tutorials and of course hundreds of videos on YouTube.

Using sketchup, try to draw objects from around the house/garden first.  Once mastered, try more difficult things like a house or other type of building (items with lines at angles are difficult, as are curves).



Good news - audible is making hundreds of titles available for free during the school closures. This service will remain free for as long as schools are shut - this means books are available to stream at no cost at all.  Simply visit from any browser to get started.  No logins, credit card or passwords needed!