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Key Information


Our Curriculum Vision

At Lowe's Wong Anglican Methodist Junior School, we plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to the needs of our pupils.  It has been carefully planned and mapped out to ensure that learning is life-long and should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone with a strong element of fun.  We embrace uniqueness and aim to develop curious, compassionate and creative individuals who are confident to thrive, flourish and aspire to great things in an ever-changing world. 

Our curriculum is deeply rooted in love and Christian faith, underpinned by our 6 school values of: respect, honesty, kindness, thankfulness, forgiveness and perseverance.  Love is threaded through these values and as we look outwards, putting them in action, we strive to grow children who echo the sentiments of John Wesley:

Do all the good you can,

By all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as you ever can.

(John Wesley 1703-1792)


 In flourishing, we want each child to be the best version of themselves, by living out our school values, so they may experience, ‘life in all its fullness.’

“I have come that you may have life-life in all its fullness” John 10:10

As well as fully covering the national curriculum subjects, our curriculum is driven by a thematic approach, meaning that all learning has a deep sense of purpose and allows for deeper learning and challenge for all.  Children are safe to ask questions, make mistakes and find learning opportunities in all aspects of school life.  We put a particular focus on resilience, ensuring that all children have a range of strategies in coping with the demands of our challenging curriculum.


Our ambitious curriculum is further enhanced by a range of extra-curricular activities, visitors, trips and residential visits, all of which are carefully planned to enhance our curriculum offer.


Our school vision is reflected in the following quote which recognises the individuality and uniqueness of everyone to be the best version of themselves whilst also echoing our chosen words of scripture.


Whether you are a candle in the corner of a room or a beacon on the top of a hill,

Let your light shine!


Our school stands on a hill, over-looking our town, and just as a beacon inspires and encourages, we want everyone to act as beacons, spreading streams of love, joy and peace within our own school community, our homes and families, the wider community of Southwell, our country and our world.


We aspire for all to reflect the ‘light’ and love of Jesus in our world and encourage everyone to follow his example and teaching hence our choice of ‘Let your light shine.

Whilst aiming for all members of our school community to celebrate their uniqueness and to flourish, we encourage them to be a light to those around them, so they can make a positive difference today and in the future.


We aim to provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment with high quality teaching through which to develop: 

  • High levels of Literacy and Numeracy skills and an enquiring mind which wants to learn more each day;
  • Independent young people who are confident, flexible and able to cooperate with each other;
  • Imagination and creative expression through a wide range of media;
  • Their place as a global citizen;
  • Conscientious young citizens of our multicultural society who are open minded and respect others’ values;
  • Pride in achievement and a desire to succeed;
  • Effective links between the school, the child’s home and the community, which promote aspirations and high expectation
  • Equality of opportunity for all;
  • Happiness.


Subject Leader 

Mrs L Smith


Miss A Ford

Design and Technology

Mr T Buckley


Mrs L Turpin


Mrs H Corah


Mrs A Bell


Mrs L Hilton


Mrs R Spencer

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs L Harvey


Mrs R Davis

Physical Education

Mr A Luetkemeier

Relationships, Sex & Health Education

Mr M Follen

Religious Education

Mrs G Ellis


Mrs T Mead